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Prescott Frontier Days announces New Communications Program

Prescott Frontier Days™ has recently announced its enhanced communications program to support relations with residents and the City while sharing the latest news, events, and ongoing improvements at the rodeo grounds.

Due to the rodeo’s significant economic impact on Prescott and the surrounding region, the Prescott Frontier Days Board of Directors and Management thought it was important to continue improving its communications program.

“For us, it is not only about improving the experiences of the competitors, attendees, and visitors, it is also about collaborating, communicating clearly, and being open to all while ensuring the rodeo continues in perpetuity. This is an invitation to “Ride with Us” and succeed together both as a City and region,” states the Prescott Frontier Days Board.


Prescott Frontier Days’ new communications program will include, but is not limited to:

● Regularly scheduled community gatherings to share the latest rodeo ground events and improvements
● A Monthly Podcasts show “Ride with Us” on the Prescott Podcast Network
● Frequent press releases
● Text (SMS) and email opt-in subscriber communications programs
● Mailers to local residents

Dates for future community engagements include but are not limited to the following:

● January 19th – Rodeo Membership Meeting (for members & volunteers)
● January 25th – Community Engagement Event at Prescott Adult Center (for the public at large)

More community events are in the planning stages and will be announced via official press releases by Prescott Frontier Days Inc.

The Economic Impact of Prescott Rodeo Grounds

For context on the economic impact of the Prescott Rodeo Grounds on the local and regional economies, according to a recent economic impact study by Round’s Consulting, The World’s Oldest Rodeo™, and the Prescott Rodeo Grounds are valuable assets. “In 2021, year-round events held by the Prescott Rodeo drew in an estimated 81,500 attendees and visitors from around the world to Prescott… The operations and events of the Prescott Rodeo supported a total of 337 full-time equivalent jobs in 2021…. During that same year, approximately $33.5M in economic output (i.e., the total value of goods and services produced in the region, similar to how gross domestic product is measured) was generated by the Prescott Rodeo…The Prescott Rodeo, rodeo events, and visitor spending generated $2.6M in state and local (i.e., county and city) tax revenues in 2021. These tax revenues were generated by the wages, spending, and property owned by the 337 jobs, as well as the spending done by visitors, attendees, and participants of events held at the Prescott Rodeo.” [1]

Prescott Frontier Days, Volunteers, Education

Prescott Frontier Days, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization of people of all ages from Prescott and the surrounding areas. They give their time and talents as volunteers to produce several events each year.

The organization and its events held at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds are widely known for providing educational grants and funding education-related programs while also being well known as a major driver of tourism dollars and taxes that support the City of Prescott.

[1]:“Economic Impact of the Prescott Rodeo Grounds”, 2022, Rounds Consulting Group”]

Featured image courtesy of Blushing Cactus Photography and Prescott Frontier Days Facebook page.