In May, 2021, Talking Glass Media (TGM) partnered with Central Arizona Partnership (CAP) and Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA) to produce and distribute the Prescott Mayoral Candidate and Council Cadidate videos in a series titled “Get to Know the Candidates”. Each candidate was interviewed at the TGM Studios and was provided the same questions and equal amount of time for their video presentations. The candidate videos were published on, CAP Website and YCCA Website.

Prescott Mayoral Candidate videos include incumbent candidate Mayor Greg Mengarelli and candidate Phil Goode. The Prescott City Council candidates include Brandon Montoya, Eric Moore, Grant Quezada, Jessica Hall, Jim Lamerson, and Steve Blair.

“This has been a great opportunity for our advertising and marketing agency to partner with CAP and YCCA to help get the word out to the Prescott residents and voters. We hope this increases voter engagement and knowledge as we move towards another local election season here in central Arizona,” says Guy Roginson, Exec. Editor, Talking Glass Media.

Watch the videos below in the series, “Get to Know the Candidates”:


Greg Mengarelli

Phil Goode


Brandon Montoya

Eric Moore

Grant Quezada

Jessica Hall

Jim Lamerson

Steve Blair


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