This letter is in response to the article and THE Studios-Talking Glass published on August 29, 2020 regarding the AmeriCorps food drive for local homeless veterans. The article called for local residents to donate food to the Arizona Serve offices where the AmeriCorps program is housed at Prescott College. That call to action was met with great enthusiasm from countless community members, groups, and resulted in over 2,000 pounds of food for those veterans.

Shortly after the article was published, the Arizona Serve office phones rung off the hook with community members eager to get involved. Each day, bag after bag after box of donations arrived at their offices. By the time the 18th of September rolled around, the community had donated over 1,000 pounds of food.

On September 18th, AmeriCorps members went to several neighborhoods in Prescott; leaving flyers detailing the food drive and asking for them to leave donations out on their porches for collection on the 25th. By the end of the food drive, over 2,000 pounds of food was collected. The food collected was pleasantly overwhelming for US Vets as it was twice the amount they had anticipated!

The collective impact this community made is incredible. The food will help feed local homeless veterans on a daily basis through US Vets and be turned into food bags for the veterans to take with them as well. Arizona Serve and all its AmeriCorps members were blown away by the unified stance residents of the quad-city area took for its often forgotten heroes.

This impact wouldn’t have been possible without the exposure gave to the food drive.

Thank you!