Prescott Valley’s Fain Signature Group launched a media effort in 2018 to share all the good news and community events that take place in what is now one of the safest and youngest municipalities in central Arizona’s Yavapai County. That effort has caught the attention of Florida’s Editor and Publisher (E&P), a multimedia publication that covers the news industry as the “Authoritative voice in news publishing since 1884”.

The following podcast video production covers the 30 minute podcast interview between Mr. Mike Blinder, Publisher, E&P and Guy Roginson, Executive Editor, Talking Glass Media, LLC (TGM), a Fain Signature Group company. The interview covers:

  1. Why the Fain Signature Group launched a multimedia organization.
  2. The reach of the central Arizona media effort.
  3. The different platforms TGM leverages to share news.
  4. How TGM is different that traditional news organizations.
  5. How the Prescott Valley, AZ based media organization is as much about business as it is about a philosophy and a positive outlook to build a community.